Members Statement – Achievements

Since joining this place three years ago I have been blown away by what can be achieved when a community gets together and advocates strongly to get things done. In South-West Coast we have seen time and time again what happens when we band together and have a strong and active local member. We had $15 million committed to our cancer centre, a project the now Premier said would never happen. We banded together and shamed this government into fast-tracking the brand-new special development school in Warrnambool. That money arrived six months early because of the pressure applied, and the build is well advanced. We fought hard and saved Portland Aluminium from closing with the assistance of the federal government, and we have made plenty of noise to ensure our roads are properly funded.

There is more work to do, but there has been a start, and it was only because the community said enough is enough. It is the same with the Warrnambool rail service — the worst in the state at one point, completely ignored by those on that side of the house. But once again we started making a noise, rattled the cage and have a planned upgrade for the line, and the federal government’s money is contributing to the majority of this.

From Nelson to Warrnambool and up to MacArthur and Caramut I have worked one on one with my constituents to achieve life-changing results for them. Many times it took persistence and determination, but I do not give up and do not rest until it is done. It has been an absolute honour to stand up in this place for the people of South-West Coast during the 58th Parliament, but I am not done yet.