Members Statement – Bail law reform

I rise to condemn the Andrews Labor government’s weak law and order policies which have resulted in a lack of justice for a teenager in my electorate. On 28 July, in a behind the play incident, Sam Lambevski copped an elbow to the face. He was left with a jaw broken in two places, a broken eye socket and a concussion. The player responsible is on parole following a conviction for armed robbery and assault-related charges. He has since been charged with recklessly causing serious injury, recklessly causing injury and breaching parole, but he was granted bail and is free to walk the streets.

The victim’s father is rightfully disgusted and distressed, and has been in touch with me to raise his deep concerns with the flawed and broken system. Parole is a privilege and not a right. This man has proven he is not worthy of that right. I think the community expects that if someone commits a serious offence while on parole, they will go back to jail, but not in Premier Andrews’ Victoria.

It is baffling to think this young man is back in the community on bail after being charged with a violent assault while on parole — after serving prison time for a series of violent crimes. His actions have proven he has not been rehabilitated, and he should be back in jail. The Liberal-Nationals will take the tough approach that has been missing from law and order policy to restore the community’s faith in the judicial system and make sure victims receive the justice that they deserve.