Members Statement – International Women’s Day 2021

Today I acknowledge that Monday is International Women’s Day, and I stand here wearing purple to symbolise the importance of such a day, along with many in the chamber, which is terrific. I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge all the good work that women do in our society, be they mothers, be they sisters, be they daughters, be they grandmothers, caregivers, leaders, role models or mentors.

There are particular women, at the risk of naming a few and leaving some out, that have been great mentors in my life and committed enormously to our community—women such as Glenys Philpott, who was the mayor of Warrnambool and left a legacy of the boardwalk that many enjoy today, and I do often, and the protection of the penguins by maremma dogs on Penguin Island as depicted in the movie Oddball, which was during Glenys Philpott’s time as mayor. Judy Troeth, a senator, has been a particularly great mentor to me, and Joy Howley from Caramut, who was president of the Liberal Party, was again another fantastic mentor. And on mentors from before my time in this place, as an industry representative and dairy farmer Shirley Harlock led the way as a United Dairyfarmers of Victoria representative, and I followed in her footsteps under her guidance. And before her was Anne Adams, who often sat on boards, as we all did, with very few other women.

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