Members Statement: Portland Ring Road height restrictions

My question is to the Minister for Roads in the other place, and I ask her for the latest information on requests from the Glenelg Shire Council and industry for the government to address height restrictions on the Portland ring-road.

Minister, as you know, this road leads to the port of Portland, but the Bridgewater Road overpass is causing issues for trucks transporting wind tower components imported through the port. Right now they are being forced onto local roads to get around the height restrictions this bridge is creating. This is not a long-term solution. The solution is simple, in my view and the view others who I have spoken with: simply dig out underneath the overpass and lower the road.

If drainage becomes a problem, install a pump, like farmers do when building cattle underpasses. There is no need for long and expensive studies and no need to spend millions of dollars replacing and rebuilding the overpass. Height restrictions have the potential to hamper other industries into the future, and as such may force companies to avoid the port of Portland.

As the local member and the shadow minister, this is something I do not want to see happen. As you are also an upper house member representing our region, I ask you to do this urgently.