Member’s Statement: South West Coast electorate roads

This government is nothing short of useless. Government members try to pretend they are to pretend they are looking after the whole state. They stand up and tell us that. That could not be further from the truth. The roads in south-west Victoria are deathtraps. After a solid winter our roads are falling apart. The minister visited, stood on the side of the road with the Independent member from the other place, Mr Purcell, and announced $44 million to fix our roads, which is an insult to our councillors who tell me this is less than the annual VicRoads spend. Worse still, that money is for patch-up jobs. The thing is that many of those roads are beyond repair. VicRoads has said they cannot be patched anymore and the only option is to lower speed limits. This government is so bad at financial literacy it cannot see that if our roads get any worse than the state’s bottom line will be impacted. The port of Portland exports about 10 per cent of the state’s gross domestic product. If the transport routes fail or are inefficient, that figure will decrease. The condition of roads is no longer just a South-West Coast problem; they have a potential statewide impact.

Minister, you have the money, there is a sound business case and when you visited you said there was more work to do. It has been two months since we heard from you and the people of South-West Coast want to know your plans. They want this government to look beyond the tram tracks.