Members Statement – South West Flooding

Over the past week parts of my electorate experienced a deluge of late spring rains which resulted in significant flooding.

Properties in Allansford, Warrnambool and Port Fairy were affected, as were many farms that lost fencing and even bridges.

As usual our community pulled together, filled sandbags in the middle of the night and helped each other out. Again I am impressed but not surprised by the response; it is what we do well in the country.

I thank our local SES and CFA volunteers, police and other emergency services personnel and local government staff, who showed once again how well we respond to a local crisis. These floods again show how desperately a new SES-CFA joint base in Port Fairy is needed.

Perhaps the minister will listen to this and ensure there is funding allocated for the project in the upcoming state budget. I also take this opportunity to call on the government to provide natural disaster funding to people impacted by these floods.