Members Statement – Warrnambool Bus Shelters

I am directing these comments to the Minister for Public Transport in relation to what seems to be a never-ending cycle of confusion around who has responsibility for bus shelters in the Warrnambool area. Minister, as you may or may not be aware, Warrnambool can be a harsh place in winter. The issue is that many of our bus stops do not have shelters, including those used by primary and secondary school children in Allansford. The particular issue in Allansford was brought to my attention by constituents John and Shirley Williams. This is where the tale of confusion begins. I made a representation to Warrnambool City Council, who said the responsibility was with Public Transport Victoria (PTV), so I made a representation to you. When I eventually received your reply, which said it was Warrnambool City Council who had responsibility for this type of infrastructure, I again made contact with Warrnambool City, who said there was nothing in any legislation or framework that said they were responsible.

This type of back and forth has continued on several similar issues for some time. Warrnambool City Council’s director of infrastructure pointed to a website for the City of Dandenong where complaints and issues with bus shelters are directed to PTV. It is my understanding that here in the city, PTV are responsible for bus shelter infrastructure and collect advertising revenue from it. Why is it any different in regional cities? Why are you trying to push this cost back onto councils? Minister, I am sure I am not the only rural member who has raised this issue with you via written representation, so I am beginning to wonder if you actually read what comes across your desk because surely you would be seeing a pattern.