Minister can’t answer questions about Labor’s road safety initiatives

Minister for Road Safety Jaala Pulford has shown today she is not up for the job as the State’s road toll spirals to record highs. 

When asked about the rollout of a 2014 election promise to have every year ten student in Victoria enrolled in a defensive driving class by 2018 – the Minister said that was before her time in the portfolio and took the question on notice.

When asked if the failure to deliver on this election promise was having an impact on the safety of young people on our roads – the Minister again couldn’t answer and again took the question on notice. 

These were key commitments in her portfolio and key road safety measures, but the Minister obviously hasn’t seen fit to bring herself across the brief, proving she is not up to the job. 

The fact she wasn’t able to answer a question about this election commitment shows that it has not been delivered properly and is a broken promise.

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