Minister must explain email to gun owners

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says Police Minister Lisa Neville must explain why firearm license holders have been unfairly targeted and threatened with the loss of their license.

An email sent on last week reminded firearm license owners that they risked losing their ability to hold that license if they were in breach of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Ms Britnell said it made no sense why those with firearms were delivered this warning when every single person in this state has a role to play upholding the restrictions.

“I want to know why this email was sent to firearm license holders only – why wasn’t it sent to people with a boat license, fishing license or a driver license?” she said.

“Everyone has a role to play in abiding by these restrictions, everyone has responsibility, so the Minister needs to explain why firearm owners are being targeted again.

“It follows a pattern from this Government attacking firearm owners, with a ban on the sale of ammunition during the first lockdown with a vauge excuse of a link to organized crime.

“The vast majority of firearm owners are responsible people – farmers and recreational shooters are being unfairly targeted by this government.”

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