More delays from the Andrews Government

In the Victorian Parliament on Tuesday Member for South West Coast, Roma Britnell MP expressed her frustration at the Andrews Government’s continued failure to upgrade the Princes Highway.

Ms Britnell highlighted the delay in completing the Yambuk overtaking lane which was announced in 2019.

“This project was funded in 2019. That is nearly four years ago” Ms Britnell stated.

“It has taken nearly three years to simply do the planning and scoping work required for this overtaking lane, which has been the excuse for why we have had to wait so long for the government to get the shovels into the ground” Ms Britnell said.

Ms Britnell noted that the even though scoping and planning work has taken over three years, it did not extend to foreseeing the likelihood of a sinkhole emerging in a coastal limestone region like Yambuk.

“It is hard to fathom that in limestone country the preparatory work did not anticipate this possibility, yet due to this sinkhole everything has slammed to a halt.

“I repeat my invitation to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and the Premier to visit South-West Coast and view the deplorable and unsafe condition of our roads” Ms Britnell stated.

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