New data, same old story

VLine-train-Sale3The latest V/Line performance data tells the same old story, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

Data for May was released on Friday and shows 85 per cent of services on the Warrnambool line were considered on time.

The data also reveals that 98.9 per cent of timetabled services ran as scheduled.

The on-time figure is an improvement on April’s 77.9 percent, but Mrs Britnell said it still wasn’t good enough.

“The trip from Warrnambool to Melbourne is long enough, especially for those coming from Portland and Mount Gambier,” she said

“Add delays on top of that and you have some very tired and frustrated passengers.

“We have been promised a fourth service, but I’m not sure it will be worth it if the government can’t even get the trains we have now running on time.”

“Trains on the Warrnambool line haven’t met the on-time target once in the past year. It’s not good enough. We deserve much better than this.”

Mrs Britnell said the Andrews Government’s regional network development plan released last month, along with constant poor performance figures, showed the Warrnambool line was of least priority for the state government.

“The plan which was supposed to set out transport priorities for the next ten years contained nothing new, it was full of recycled ideas the people of the south-west have been talking about for decades,” she said

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