New Premier refuses to hold inquiry into Victoria’s childcare crisis.

4th October 2023

New Premier refuses to hold inquiry into Victoria’s childcare crisis.

Member for South West Coast, Roma Britnell MP, today criticised the Allan Labor Government for their failure to address South West Victoria’s childcare crisis, which is preventing parents from returning to work during a period of workforce shortages and cost of living challenges.

Ms Britnell expressed her disappointment after Labor blocked her motion calling for “an inquiry into childcare availability to examine areas of improvements for Victorian childcare regulations and services to address accessibility issues and identify more flexible childcare opportunities for all Victorian families”.

Ms Britnell introduced the motion after speaking with multiple families in South West Coast, who shared with her challenges that remaining out of the workforce due to lack of childcare is causing for them.

“With interest rates rising and household essentials including electricity and gas escalating in price, one less income stream is increasing the stress these young families face”.

“This is a time sensitive issue which the Government can and must fix and an inquiry would find immediate solutions”.

“The refusal by Labor to even conduct an inquiry into addressing the childcare crisis in regional Victoria highlights their disinterest in the struggle of young families who are desperately needed back in the workforce and desperately needing increased income to cover cost of living” said Ms Britnell.

Ms Britnell explained “current childcare regulations in Victoria must be reviewed as they need more flexibility to suit an expanded range of childcare options”.

According to Ms Britnell, “bespoke childcare options should be included in a review, including family daycare, in-venue care, long day care, occasional childcare and outside school hours care, to identify increased flexibility for families without compromising child safety”.

“The current model is not flexible for shift workers and isolated families, which are the lifeblood of so many households here in South West Coast” Ms Britnell stated.





Roma Britnell MP

Member for South West Coast

Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight

Shadow Minister for Child Protection

Shadow Minister for Boating and Fishing

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