New public drunkenness legislation is alarming.

New public drunkenness legislation is alarming for communities, experts and first responders in Regional Victoria.

Roma Britnell MP, Member for South West Coast believes the community and experts are rightly alarmed and confused by the manner in which the Daniel Andrews Labor Government has decriminalised public drunkenness.
“The Labor Government are essentially stripping police of their powers before there is any alternative suitable or practical response in place, they just have not prepared for this major change to the law”.
“The city centric Daniel Andrews Labor Government has essentially forgotten how laws affect all Victorians, not just those in Melbourne”.
“This Labor Government is spending $85 million on a 20-bed sobering up centre in Melbourne, which in Daniel Andrews’s Cloud Cuckoo land is expected to serve every intoxicated Victorian from places as far as Portland and Warrnambool. It’s going to be a nightmare as they haven’t infrastructure in the regions”.
“It’s just madness, I have concerns for the safety of first responders in regional Victoria, from now on every intoxicated person in public knows police are being stripped of important powers. They are expected to look the other way and hope a third-party operator will pick up the intoxicated individual and take them on a taxpayer funded trip to Melbourne which we know is just not going happen”.
Many people also seeking help from Police from the effects of a bad night out won’t be offered the urgent support and shelter they need for a few hours to get them back on their feet.
“Police want to help but will now be forced to rely on an unknown third party to manage a very big issue in our community. Police have always done what they possibly can when dealing with an intoxicated person and the community has always appreciated that”.


Roma Britnell MP
Member for South West Coast
Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight
Shadow Minister for Boating and Fishing

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