No excuse for Labor to not fund The Lookout

The Andrews Labor Government has run out of excuses for not funding The Lookout Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year Infrastructure Strategy, released on Thursday, recommends the State Government build new residential rehabilitation facilities in regions where they are not currently available and singles out the Great South Coast.

Ms Britnell said The Lookout is a plan that’s ready to go.

“This is the easiest recommendation for the Government to tick off,” she said.

“The plans are done; the site is secured and approvals processes completed and has broad community support. All that is needed is the Government funding.

“The Lookout will be an important recovery tool for people who want to turn their life around and break the cycle of addiction.

Ms Britnell said The Lookout was a vital project for the regional which would fill a void in the drug and alcohol services.

“It’s some important that once people have detoxed, they have a place to go and recover and learn ways to make sure they don’t fall back into the cycle,” she said.

“Being able to do that close to home, surrounded by loved ones, goes a long way to ensuring success.

“I know from my experiences working in community health the need for a service like this and am deeply committed to ensuring this project is made a reality.”

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