No hard sell to gain support for roads petition

Around 4000 people have so far added their name to a petition calling on the Andrews Labor Government to fix the south-west’s crumbling roads.

Member for South West Coast and Shadow Minister for Rural Roads Roma Britnell said the response to the petition had been phenomenal so far.

“It’s hasn’t been a hard sell – no one has needed to be convinced to sign the petition so far, everyone knows our roads are in a terrible condition and need some urgent attention.” Ms Britnell said.

“This is the number one issue in my electorate; it is the main issue people raise with me when I’m out at community event or holding a listening post. People want the roads fixed.

“They also want them fixed properly the first time. People are sick of seeing a road crumble and fall apart again just a few weeks after it has been repaired. They want the Government to make sure there is some accountability, that works meet a specific standard and their taxpayer dollars are not being wasted.      

“There is a pretty clear message being sent to the Andrews Labor Government and it’s becoming harder for them to ignore.”

Ms Britnell said the petition could still be signed in various locations around the south-west and encouraged anyone who hasn’t signed it to add their name.    

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