No trust for offshore wind’s impacts in South-West Coast.

15 March 2024

No trust for offshore wind’s impacts in South-West Coast.

South-West Coast residents are right to have no trust in the Allan Labor Government’s handling of the impacts of offshore wind on marine life, following Jacinta’ Allan’s announcement that renewable energy projects will be eligible for an accelerated planning pathway under the Development Facilitation Program (DFP).

The recent announcement of the offshore windfarm zone in the Southern Ocean by Federal Minister for Energy, Chris Bowen, will see renewable energy projects occurring off the coast of Warrnambool and Port Fairy.

Under the Allan Labor Government’s accelerated planning pathway, there are fears South-West Coast community members will not have their voices heard, with projects under the DFP not facing a planning panel process or allowing third-party appeals to be raised at VCAT.

Member for South-West Coast, Roma Britnell, said: “This move is an affront to our community and the right to have a say about what gets built in our backyard.

“We support renewables, but this move by Labor is designed to ram through approval of offshore windfarms along our precious coastline.

“In Gippsland, the State Labor Government was prepared to ride roughshod over the environment where a protected Ramsar wetland is located. We will now see them do the same to our precious whale nursery near Warrnambool and Port Fairy.

“Despite our electorate having far more wind farms than anywhere else in the state, the Allan Labor Government continues to act against the wishes of the local community and against the interest of the local environment for purely ideological reasons.

“I will stand side-by-side with the South-West Coast community, and we will fight the state Labor government against any inappropriate windfarm developments, on or offshore, to protect our precious environment”.


Roma Britnell MP
Member for South West Coast
Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight
Shadow Minister for Child Protection
Shadow Minister for Boating and Fishing

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