Online quiz will not stop motorcyclists dying

Does Daniel Andrews really think that an online test will save the lives of motorcyclists on Victorian roads?

Already this year 28 motorcyclists and passengers have lost their lives – 11 more than the same time last year.

Labor’s plan to address this tragic spike is an online quiz and a series of posters and billboards.

Online quizzes won’t save lives but more money to repair both metropolitan and regional roads will.

How many people who hold a motorcycle license do they expect to sit in front of the computer and complete this quiz?

How do they expect a non-compulsory online quiz to save lives?

These are more platitudes aimed at making it look as if the Government is doing something about the crisis on our roads.

In reality we know Labor has taken billions out of the Traffic Accident Commission, is reducing its spend on rural and regional road projects and is using money for road maintenance to repair wire rope barriers.

Labor’s feeble attempt to address our road toll crisis goes nowhere near far enough to keep Victorians safe on our roads.

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