Petition condemning Animal Justice Party MP tabled

A petition condemning Animal Justice MP Andy Meddick for his policy of reducing he dairy industry and forcing people to move to a plant based diet has been tabled in State Parliament.

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said the petition had struck a chord with the community who cannot believe a person who represents one of the nation’s largest dairy production areas has such anti agriculture views.

“It was signed not only by dairy farmers, it was signed by people who realise the flow on effects the industry has on the south-west,” Mrs Britnell said.

“If we were to go down Mr Meddick’s path and cut the dairy industry by 20 percent, it wouldn’t only be on farm jobs that would be impacted.

“Other businesses would also suffer and be forced to cut back. Any decrease in the size of the industry would have flow on effect to stock feed companies, veterinary practices, machinery sales and repair businesses and every other business that relies in some way on the local agriculture sector, right down to retail.

“Mr Meddick’s views are completely at odds with the majority of people he purports to represent. The petition also calls on him to visit local dairy farms too actually learn about the animal care practices farmers have and the way they work with the environment.

“I hope he takes up that offer and educates himself on this important topic for a vast majority of his upper house electorate.”

Mrs Britnell said the petition was submitted with 730 valid signatures.

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