Premier more interested in political games than meaningful debate

Daniel Andrews has proven he is more intent on playing political games than having serious debate over the future of Victoria’s fire services, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

Today the Premier introduced one bill to the parliament that ties together presumptive cancer rights for firefighters and the plan to split the CFA.

“This is a blatant political game,” Mrs Britnell said.

“I absolutely support presumptive rights for firefighters, both volunteer and career, but I do not support splitting the CFA.

“By tying these two issues together in one bill, the Government is forcing anyone who doesn’t support the split of the CFA to also vote against presumptive rights.

“It’s a low political tactic.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor have done this in an attempt to quash any criticism of the plan to split the CFA, it’s a disgrace and the Premier should be ashamed.”

Mrs Britnell said each day it is becoming clearer the split of the fire services is simply a political fix so Daniel Andrews can appease his mates in the United Firefighters Union.

“There are questions not one member of the government can answer,” she said.

“The Government can’t answer questions about costs, they can’t answer question about why they are pushing on with this model, when it has not been recommended in eight separate reviews of Victoria’s fire services.

“This plan is being pushed through without any consultation with volunteers, despite Daniel Andrews committing to do so when he signed the Emergency Management Volunteer Statement.

“Daniel Andrews is pushing ahead with this to save his job – once again proving he is beholden to the unions.”

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