Proper consultation needed to ensure parks thrive

The rapid growth in pests and weeds across Crown land demonstrates the Andrews Government’s failure to properly manage its state parks.

The role outdoor recreation community group’s play in supporting rural and regional communities cannot be underestimated, and the Andrews Government has missed a perfect opportunity to instead engage with those who feel their voice isn’t being heard.

Despite having a unique and in-depth understanding of the issues effecting their respective regions, concerns have been raised about the Andrews Government’s continued attempts to lock community groups out of important consultation processes.

Shadow Minister for Fishing and Boating, Roma Britnell, said a collaborative approach is required to effectively control these pests and weeds.

“By locking out those who know the most about their local area, the Andrews Government is failing in its responsibility to properly manage these sites,” Ms Britnell said.

“The long-spined sea urchin in particular has invaded Victorian coastal waters and now dominates many near-shore reef, creating a barren habitat devoid of plant and fish species. In Tasmania, government and industry are working together to defeat this pest. Victoria should be doing the same.

“The outdoor recreation community members are ready, willing and able to play their part – they just need to be included.

“I urge the Minister to engage with our outdoor recreation community groups who are feeling shut out, and work with them on strategies to manage our environment properly.”

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