Public pressure gets results

15950359 - mainline railroad track switch

Monday’s announcement of fast-tracked level crossing upgrades on the Warrnambool line is a win for the community, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

“It proves that the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” Mrs Britnell said.

“If we stick together and make our case loud and clear, we get listened to.

“Time and time again we have proven if you put enough pressure on, you will get listened to, the cancer centre proves that, as does the money recently announced for our roads.

“It was the community that provided me with stories, emails and phone calls that were all sent onto the Minister or presented in parliament. This is a win for the community.”

Mrs Britnell said she would be asking the minister to provide a list of the crossing to be upgraded and when each one is expected to be completed.

She said following the Phalps Road truck accident, it became clear the planned upgrade of that crossing had fallen behind schedule.

“The Phalps Road crossing was earmarked for a “fast-tracked” upgrade in early 2015, but the work still wasn’t completed when the accident happened in July 2016,” Mrs Britnell said.

“So when the Government says it is fast-tracking something, I’m always wary. I’ll be asking for a timeline of works and will be asking questions if the project falls behind schedule.

“This is an important announcement for community safety and passenger convenience, so it’s imperative it’s delivered on time.”

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