Race meeting perfect for vaccinated economy trial

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has called for a mid-week race meeting at Warrnambool to be included in the Andrews Labor Government’s vaccinated economy trial.

Speaking in parliament on Thursday, Ms Britnell said with only four days to go before the trial begins in the Warrnambool City Council Local Government area, there was still no information about what businesses would be included in the trial.

“I note that there was scope for events to be included in the announcement of the trial and what better way to see how a vaccinated economy could work for large scale country racing meetings that to use the scheduled race meeting in Warrnambool on October 14 as a trial run,” she said.

“Then we can iron out any issues and make sure the upcoming Jericho Cup meeting at Warrnambool on November 21 can have a larger crowd than planned.”

Ms Britnell said it was disappointing that four days out there was still no information about how this would operate – but she said the Government had form in not consulting properly.

“I’m not surprised – I found out this trial economy would be happening in the largest population base of my electorate via a media release, with no information on how it would actually work that I could pass onto constituents who were calling me asking what was going on.” she said.

“The Andrews Government has called for a bipartisan approach to this pandemic for the last 18 months, and I’ve tried to do that – but bipartisanship goes both ways.

“I’m still waiting on a call from the Minister for Health after I reached out to him to ask what I could do to be of assistance when the current outbreak in Warrnambool started – not even a phone call or email in return from him or a member of his staff.

“I’ve asked for briefings, I’ve asked to see the information that is guiding the health directives, but it’s not been forthcoming. When we corresponded with Ministers on behalf of constituents it can be up to eight weeks until I get a response.

“All I want is information to pass to my constituents as their representative so they can all do the right thing – but the Andrews Government just ignores that fairly simple and reasonable request.”

“I am trying to work in a bipartisan way, but I get stonewalled by the Andrews government at every single turn.”

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