Ratepayers spared increased costs…for now

The State Government’s financial assistance to councils to deal with the recycling crisis is welcome, but it won’t last forever.

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said she was pleased to work closely with local councils and waste management companies to help the Government see sense and release money to save rate payers being slugged with extra charges.

“We now must work hard and look at the problem in the long term. This won’t be solved when the government money stops in July and ratepayers are looking at increased fees from then,” Mrs Britnell said.

“The recycling industry taskforce announced is an opportunity for South West Coast to take a leading role in this area and provide an exciting opportunity for new developments as the Victorian recycling industry transitions.

“This could provide a new industry and new jobs for our region. I’ll be working hard to ensure local companies like Wheelie Waste have representation on that taskforce and I will continue to advocate for our region to play a leading role as the industry changes to meet local needs.”

Mrs Britnell said she will continue to work with local councils, waste management companies and state government to ensure householders won’t be slugged with extra fees and charges as Minister Lily D’Ambrosio promised.

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