Regional Victoria forgotten in road fatality fight

Data showing that deaths on regional roads have only fallen about 20 per cent since 2000, while metro fatalities are down 47 per cent, shows rural Victorians are being left behind in the push towards zero.

The figures from the TAC show that while millions of dollars are put into apparent road safety improvements, including $120 million over the past year on installing Wire Rope Barriers on just 36 roads, deaths on country roads are still over represented in the state’s road toll.

It proves rural and regional Victorians are being left behind.

This data, and an accompanying interactive map from the Australian Road Research Board, which pinpoints locations of crashes, provides a snapshot of how rural roads are being forgotten and need urgent action.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:  

“The Andrews Labor Government is quick to talk up how it’s improving road safety for rural Victorians, but this data shows it’s all spin.

“This data and map pinpoints where people are being injured and killed on our roads. It can’t be ignored.

“It can’t be used an excuse to simply lower speed limits and install wire-rope barriers. The condition of the road surface must be at the forefront.

“The Andrews Labor Government needs to address the issues with roads as a whole – the surfaces and road shoulders must be addressed along with looking at other measures.”

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