Report your road damage

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell has launched a webportal “Report a Road” to enable South West Coast residents to report damage caused to their vehicles by Victoria’s dilapidated road network. The “Report a Road” webportal is a platform for residents to upload photos of the damage and report their repair costs.

The launch of the webportal comes after years of Ms Britnell campaigning to improve the condition of Victoria’s roads. Ms Britnell has been a vocal advocate for better road maintenance and repairs, arguing that the aging infrastructure is a major safety hazard for motorists and a significant drain on household and business budgets due to the cost of vehicle repairs.

“‘Report a Road’ is a crucial tool for South West Coast residents to hold the Andrews Government accountable for maintaining the Victorian road network. Our roads are in a terrible state and it’s time the Andrews Labor Government did something about it” Ms Britnell said.

“The damage details provided by ‘Report a Road’ is one way we can embarrass Daniel Andrews into action” Ms Britnell stated.The “Report a Road” webportal may be accessed at

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