Road safety suffers as police used to babysit protesters

Last week as the 2019 road toll tragically surpassed the 2018 total, police resources were being diverted from important road safety work to babysit disruptive protestors in Melbourne’s CBD.

Having a highly visible police presence on our roads is essential – but police have said that last week proactive policing programs, including road safety programs, were cut back because of increased resources needed at the protests.

While everyone has a right to protest, it should not come at the expense of other important community safety programs.

Far too many Victorians have lost their lives on our roads this year, and police must not be distracted from their efforts to keep us safe on our roads and in the community.

Daniel Andrews and Labor need to take a strong stand against these deliberately disruptive protestors whose actions have cost taxpayers millions and taken police away from their important proactive work.    

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