Roads announcement a good start, but more needed

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell has welcomed the news that roads across the region will receive a much needed funding boost.

Mrs Britnell said while the $44 million cash injection wouldn’t fix every road, it was a good start.

But she said it was disappointing the State Government has ignored the Turnbull Government’s offers for match funding.

“Instead of doubling their money, Luke Donnellan and Daniel Andrews have decided to go it alone. It seems like a wasted opportunity,” Mrs Britnell said.

She said it was also disappointing that the minister failed to commit significant funding to the Green Triangle Freight action plan, which he launched in Portland on Wednesday night.

“The hard work of the Glenelg Shire put evidence under the minister’s nose and he seems to have ignored it,” Mrs Britnell said.

She said while the money was a welcome start, the fight for improvements was only just beginning.

“I have no doubt the lobbying and pressure applied by everyone in the south-west, from local governments, industry and the wider community has delivered this cash injection,” Mrs Britnell said.

“I have been writing to the minister almost every day on behalf of my constituents and we know there have been plenty of calls made to the VicRoads hotline.

“This money won’t fix every road, but the minster can be assured I won’t stop lobbying.”

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