Snowy Hydro scheme cash should be spent in regional areas

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has written to Premier Daniel Andrews calling for the proceeds of the Snowy Hydro Scheme sale to be spent in regional Victoria.

Mrs Britnell said Snowy Hydro was a regional asset and the $2 billion from its sale should be spent in regional areas, backing the Victorian Farmer’s Federations position.

“I’ve called on the Premier to spend the money upgrading the three-phase power network, water infrastructure and on our roads – with particular focus on south-west Victoria,” she said.

“Roads in the Great South Coast carry a third of the state’s freight task and is the number one region in terms of farm gate output in the state.

“If we want to boost the state and regional economy further, we need significant investment in roads and we need adequate and reliable power supply for farms and other businesses – helping to create jobs.

“We bat well above our weight, the figures prove it, so it’s time we started seeing an appropriate investment that matches the weight of our economic contribution.”

Mrs Britnell said the city-centric Labor Government had already ripped off regional Victoria, using money set aside from the lease of the Port of Melbourne on regular maintenance programs rather than new infrastructure like Daniel Andrews promised.

“The Liberal and Nationals fought hard to have 10 per cent of that money allocated to new transport infrastructure projects in regional Victoria – it didn’t happen, he lied,” she said.

“Daniel Andrews now has the opportunity to recognise there is life beyond the tram tracks and invest in the infrastructure regional Victoria deserves and has earned.

“I’ll continue to work hard to ensure South West Coast and its economic contribution doesn’t go unnoticed.”

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