Some fundings should be non-negotiable.

4th September 2023

Some fundings should be non-negotiable.
Roma Britnell MP, Member for South West Coast has raised concerns over the inability and incompetence of the Andrews Labor government to fund basic, essential community services.
Earlier this month, Roma Britnell MP raised the matter of Port Fairy Cemetery’s security to the Andrews Labor governments Health Minister and questioned why a $39,000 grant for the Cemetery after multiple burglary attempts was refused.
“I received the Health Ministers response after 30 days and it shows the government is unable to fund basic yet essential community services. The Cemetery has already been a victim of multiple burglaries due to their security shortfalls.”
In response to questions raised by Roma Britnell MP the government has responded by saying “Cemeteries are self-funding- independent statutory bodies”.
“The Health Department has a duty to ensure of the functionality and safety of Cemeteries, specially in regional towns with smaller populations. We’ve moved a long way from the days of the black plague, and no one can doubt the importance to safely and responsibly bury our dead.”
“Keeping in mind that the Port Fairy Cemetery volunteers have also had their equipment stolen as they were the ones who generously gifted their equipment after the initial burglary. They deserve to feel safe when doing their important work on behalf of the Health Minister.”
“It beggars belief how this government has managed the economy so, so poorly that they can no longer fund these important community organizations.”


Roma Britnell MP
Member for South West Coast
Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight
Shadow Minister for Boating and Fishing

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