South West Coast roads front and centre of Liberal Nationals minds

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says the Liberal and National opposition are acutely aware of the dangerous state of the regions roads.

In Parliament yesterday, Shadow Minister for Roads David Hodgett specifically mentioned the roads in South West Coast saying, “The state of roads across the state is topical at the moment. Particularly in the west and south-west of the state roads are in grave disrepair and in need of much funding,”

Mr Hodgett also said, “I note the member for South-West Coast is in the house. I have visited her a number of times in her electorate. You can witness firsthand the problems with road maintenance down there. There is neglect over time, and whatever the reasons are there is a dire need for an injection of funds and for those roads to be maintained.”

Mrs Britnell said Mr Hodgett’s comments show the condition of roads in her electorate were front of mind of her Liberal and National colleagues.

“I’ve hosted the Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy, Leader of the Nationals Peter Walsh, Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien, Shadow Minster for Roads David Hodgett and other several other shadow ministers in the region several times since my election,” Mrs Britnell said.

“I’ve driven them on different roads, not just the highways and main roads, to show them just how bad they are.

“They have seen with their own eyes the condition of roads, they know we need significant investments in repair and maintenance and they know we need to do it right the first time so the work lasts.”

Mrs Britnell said the people of South West Coast could be confident that from day one a Matthew Guy led Liberal National Government will get to work to fix the roads and make sure they are done right the first time.

“We’ll sort it out, we’ll make sure the departments are doing their job and that checks and balances are being done to make sure road repairs don’t fail within weeks.”

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