Speech: Member Statement, housing affordability

Victorians would be rightly confused about the Andrews Labor government’s contradictory stand on the long-held Australian dream of owning your own home.

Last week the government announced the property market review, which it says is designed to ensure laws are supporting fair and easy access to the housing market.

The government has allocated just two months for the review to be completed. So in just over two months it expects to conduct online public consultations, compile submissions and have a final report provided to the government.

For what is such an important review, looking into matters such as underquoting, it is just not a fair dinkum time frame.

And yet on the same day the government said homebuyers were finding it difficult to afford properties. What does this government do? It introduces a new tax.

It is an insult to anyone with a dream of owning their own home. At present almost 40 per cent of new
home builds is made up of taxes—and here is the government just adding another one to those.

While this new tax only relates to new developments in select cities, you can be sure that if it does not raise enough money this government will expand it to include places like Warrnambool in my electorate.

So here we have a government bemoaning how hard it is to get into the market with rising prices,
introducing another tax—which will push up prices even further.

We know this government is addicted to new taxes, because this is its 41st new tax since being elected—and this coming from a Premier who, prior to the last election, said there would be no new taxes. Well, that is not true.