Sporting crowd caps must be consistent

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell is calling on the Andrews Government to be consistent in its directions and raise crowd numbers at local sports events from 1000.

Ms Britnell said there was inconstancies with state government directions and it made no sense that 50,000 footy fans would be allowed at the MCG, but only 1000 would be allowed at ovals and netball courts across the South West Coast electorate.

“If the health advice says the MCG can host 50,000 then why doesn’t it apply across the board?” she said.

“Yesterday it was announced the Stawell Gift would have a crowd 5000 people. In New South Wales 3000 people can attend a local sporting event.

“The MCG is far more enclosed than Hanlon Park in Portland so why is the virus risk greater at a Portland Tiger’s game as opposed to a Richmond Tigers game?

“If the Stawell Gift can have 5000 people at its outdoor venue why can’t the North Warrnambool Footy and Netball club have 5000 people at Bushfield?

“It just doesn’t make sense – the Government says all its restrictions are based on health advice, but these inconsistencies make you question if that is the case.”

Ms Britnell said despite repeated requests, the Andrews Government has refused to release the health advice that is supposedly behind its decision making.

“The refusal to show anyone that health information and these inconsistencies erode community confidence in the decision-making process,” she said.

“While country sporting clubs are struggling following cancelled seasons, the government wants to hurt them further, reducing the gate takings and opportunities to raise money through sponsorships and food and drink sales.

“The Government is seemingly giving a free kick to the AFL and other high-profile events at the expense of country sporting clubs.

“All anyone wants is consistency in decision making but that’s not what we are seeing from Daniel Andrews.”

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