State Budget 2019: Five years of failing to deliver for Warrnambool Base Hospital

Daniel Andrews has failed the people of South West Coast and failed our hard working doctors and nurses.

Today the Premier for Melbourne handed down his fifth state budget, and for the fifth year running, he has failed to deliver funding for the vital second stage redevelopment of the Warrnambool Base Hospital.

In 2014 former Premier and local member Denis Napthine committed to rebuild the Warrnambool Base Hospital, I remade that commitment in 2015, 2016, 2017 and again in 2018.

This is the fifth year Daniel Andrews has ignored the healthcare needs of our community.

It is the fifth year Daniel Andrews has ignored our hard working doctors and nurses and failed to give them facilities they need to do their life saving work efficiently.

It is the fifth year the Daniel Andrews has been happy to put the community at risk because the facilitates are under pressure.

This is an insult to the people of South West Coast – today their Premier has said to them I don’t care that your hospital is struggling to keep up with demand.

He has even ignored the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Craig Fraser who said in February increasing demand for services was “putting pressure on our facilities, especially the ageing infrastructure”.

Today the Premier has said to the people of South West Coast a new Library is more important that a functioning hospital.

This is a shameful record for a Premier who claims to be governing for all Victorians.

The South West Coast should be outraged that their Government has again failed to listen to their needs and I ask them to join with me in condemning Daniel Andrews and continuing to pressure him to take his head out of the sand and provide funding for this much needed project.

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