State Government Ignores Community Concerns

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell MP has called on the Minister for Planning to show some respect and engage with the South West Coast community to consider the appropriateness of further wind farm developments in the region.

“Building a structure the height of the West Gate Bridge is not appropriate for Glen Waverly, Box Hill or Taylors Lakes, so why is it appropriate in Garvoc, Woolsthorpe or Port Fairy?” Ms Britnell said.

“The South West Coast is already saturated with wind turbines, and there are other parts of Victoria less populated and more suitable to this type of development. We all acknowledge the importance of renewable energy as part of Victoria’s energy combination, but not all renewable energy needs to be based in South West Coast” Ms Britnell stated.

“The proposed Garvoc development seriously impacts on our right to farm. Industrial scale energy developments are inappropriate for highly productive agricultural land and densely populated areas” Ms Britnell said.

“How can the Government make a rational and merits based decision when its prime motivation is to meet its own renewable energy targets. This is a conflict of interest. The Minister for Planning must refer this application to the Moyne and Corangamite Shires” Ms Britnell stated.

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