Statement regarding Assisted Dying

I welcome the news the State Government plans to legislate assist dying as recommended by the Inquiry into End of Life Choices.

I support such legislation in principal and believe we need laws to ensure our doctors and nurses are protected so they are able to do their jobs and use their professional judgement so patient care remains the priority.

As a nurse with more than 30 years experience, I have cared for many people who are approaching the end of their life. There are ambiguities surrounding end of life care. This ambiguity needs to be cleared up so our protectors are protected when they do the right thing for their patient.

While I support the laws in principle, the legislation has not come before the Parliament. I’ll need to see its contents to ensure there are no unintended consequences before I make a decision whether or not I support the specific piece of legislation.

I don’t believe legislation around this issue would be altering the journey of life. It is about helping people who are approaching the end of their life through illness get to the end and to die with dignity.

This is a sensitive issue and some people may find it confronting – but it’s an area I have knowledge and experience in.


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