Statement regarding Portland Aluminium

While not wanting to speculate too much – today’s media commentary about parties being interested in buying the Portland Aluminium Smelter is positive.It shows the smelter is viable and has a future.

We know it is relatively young for a plant of its type, is well managed and has an extremely dedicated workforce.There are 1200 direct and indirect jobs in the Portland area and wider south-west that rely on the Portland Aluminium Smelter, those jobs are my number one priority and should be the number one priority of the Andrews Labor Government.

There is a role for the state government to play in the future of the smelter.

High-energy prices and security of supply are the biggest sticking points for the smelter’s future – but because of Daniel Andrews’ reckless energy policies prices are through the roof and supply cannot be guaranteed.

I again call on the Premier to come to the table and work with all parties involved to secure a long-term future for the smelter – it is too important for our region to just give up on.

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