Stronger trespass laws needed to protect farmers from animal activists

Member for South West Coast Roma says the State Government must urgently increase penalties for trespass in an effort to discourage animal activists from entering farms.

Her call comes after activist group Aussie Farms published a map listing farm addresses and encouraged activists to visit the properties and take video footage and photographs to document perceived animal cruelty.

She said stronger penalties needed to be put in place to send a very clear message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

“These are people’s homes and businesses; this website is encouraging trespass and invasion of privacy. A message must be sent that it won’t be tolerated,” she said.

“I’m angry that the state government is yet to make any comment about this website, the new minister Jaclyn Symes must take a strong position against the tactics these animal activists are using.

“The activists have made unfounded and defamatory claims against hard working farming families, the Minister must act swiftly, condemn the behaviour and set about changing laws to ensure tougher penalties.

“Not only is entering a farm uninvited against the law, it’s also a significant biosecurity risk and could put a family’s business at risk.

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