The Premier for Melbourne imposes unfair tax on regional taxi users

South West Coast residents using a taxi will pay more because of the city centric Premier, member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

The State Government plans to impose a $2 tax on every taxi trip as part of its plan to legalise ride sharing services like Uber.

A parliamentary committee recommended the rate be reduced in rural and regional areas, but the Government has refused.

“Daniel Andrews is the Premier for Melbourne, he has no regard or understanding of life beyond the tram tracks,” Mrs Britnell said.

“In Warrnambool and Portland, a taxi is the only form of transport suitable for many people.

“This tax will unfairly penalise people for living in regional areas. It will penalise people going to medical appointments, to the shops and to social activities, particularly the elderly and this disabled.

“The Liberal Party understands the impacts this new tax will have on people and will stand up for or rural and regional communities.”

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