Time for minister to act and protect the environment.

With storage facilities overflowing, recyclables collected in Warrnambool on Thursday night will be forced to sit in trucks, leaving waste unable to be picked up the following day as the council and waste management companies search for solutions to deal with the unfolding recycling crisis.

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said there was a now a real possibility the recyclables will be forced into landfill because the state government has failed to act.

Mrs Britnell said dumping into landfill could mean increased costs for councils which would have to be passed back to ratepayers.

“This is despite the Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio promising no recyclables would go to landfill and residents would not pay any extra,” Mrs Britnell said.

“The Minister and State Government have sat idle, trying to shift the blame while still collecting millions in waste management levies from councils.

“Other regional councils will face the same tough decisions in the coming days. The environment is at risk and its time the minster acted.


“The Minister was in Western Victoria on Wednesday and I want to know what solutions she discussed with councils and waste management companies to this crisis.”

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