Time for the minister to put the money where his mouth is

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell has questioned why roads Minister Luke Donnellan isn’t still fighting for funding to improve the region’s roads.

In a statement released while he was in opposition in 2012, Minister Donnellan called for the Baillieu Government to fund the repair of south west roads.

“He’s all about making big statements, but when it comes time for action, the minister goes missing,” Mrs Britnell said.

“In the 21 months he has been minister why hasn’t Mr Donnellan acted? It just proves that all Labor give this region is lip service.

“It’s been 21 months since he became the minister, despite making big statements while in opposition, Minister Donnellan has done absolutely nothing since.

“In his 2012 comments Mr Donnellan says the condition of the roads was a safety issue for motorists that it’s an economic issue for local business and industry and vehicle repair costs were increasing.

“He is spot on. But for some reason he seems reluctant to act. There was not $1 in the latest state budget for road repair programs in this electorate.”

Mrs Britnell said the previous Coalition government had budgeted for renewal works on a number of key local roads, but since the change of government, those projects had been ignored.

“The Coalition funded seven new passing lanes on the Princes Highway and had plans for countless other road renewal projects – one being the Myaman-Macarthur Road, where $2.6 million was committed,” she said.

“But since Labor took office, that money has disappeared, and now we are told that Myaman-Macarthur won’t even be considered for funding until the 2017/18 budget.

“They also ended the Coalition’s Country Roads and Bridges Program, which delivered $1 million a year to local councils.

“It all just proves this Labor Government can’t look past the tram tracks in Melbourne. They make big statements but when push comes to shove, they never put their money where their mouth is.”

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