Time to confirm date for end of border restrictions

With South Australia confirming it will ease all border restrictions with Victoria from Monday evening, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews must follow suit, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

Ms Britnell said Daniel Andrews must confirm that restrictions on entering Victoria will also be removed from Midnight on Monday.

“Victoria’s move to close it’s border was based on a cluster of cases in suburban Adelaide – some 500kms from the border,” she said.

“When it became clear that cluster was not as bad as first thought, Daniel Andrews should have backed away from his restrictions – but he pushed ahead, closed the border and caused a huge amount of confusion and distress in the process.

“Controls on the Victorian side of the border have been described as halfhearted at best – with checkpoints almost non-existent and the border permit system little more than a tick and flick style system that relies on honesty.

“It’s clear the border closure only went ahead to save Daniel Andrews the embarrassment of having to back down. That has caused an untold amount of stress and anxiety for people who need to cross that border to go about their daily lives.

“It’s now time to confirm that the border will be opened and permit system will be removed from Midnight on Monday, at the same time as South Australia so cross-border community members can return to life as normal.”

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