Time to review the roadmap to avoid a wrong turn

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell is calling for a review of the roadmap out of COVID restrictions for regional Victoria.

Under the current roadmap, regional areas are not able to move to the next stage until there are 14-days with zero new cases of the virus across Victoria.

Ms Britnell said that means regional pubs, clubs and restaurants will have strict limits on them, gyms and other businesses who had previously pivoted and shown they could be COVIDsafe, will remain closed potentially for weeks to come.

She said as of yesterday, 47 out of Victoria’s 148 rural and regional councils all met the threshold to make the next step and open further.

“We remain tied to numbers in Melbourne, we have restrictions that are harsher than those in other states where there are more active cases recorded than regional Victoria” she said.

“I’ve previously called for a localised approach to managing this virus – it needs to be a health based response, there is no denying that, but it needs to be flexible and able to adapt to local conditions.

“Right now we have a centralized response and a one-size fits all approach to the recovery. We have the health capacity to manage this locally and have already proven we can manage and contain clusters

“The current approach isn’t working, businesses are suffering and people are feeling the effects of being isolated and kept away from family and friends for huge amounts of time.”

Ms Britnell said it made no sense that hospitality businesses like the City Memorial Bowls Club were capped at 20 people across two spaces indoors when they have a huge amount of room.

“Large venues like that have space to be able to have more people in a socially distanced and COVIDsafe environment,” she said.

“But because we have a blanket cap, they have plenty of space, but aren’t allowed to have welcome customers.

“It’s time to change up the way we are responding to this virus, to still remain focused on health but placing a bigger focus on personal wellbeing and safely restarting the economy.”

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