Trains to depart earlier, but arrive later under new timetable.

Trains on the Warrnambool line will leave Warrnambool earlier but arrive later under a new timetable that tries to fool people into believing punctuality issue have been fixed.

Mrs Britnell said the services would depart Warrnambool earlier than the previous timetable, but arrive in Melbourne later.

Trains from Melbourne will depart either at the same time or a few minutes earlier, but arrive in Warrnambool up to ten minutes later.

“This new timetable is attempting to fool people into believing punctuality problems have been sorted. But it simply lengthens the journey for passengers in an effort to get the figures looking good,” Mrs Britnell said.

“This is the State Government trying to fudge the figures in an attempt to make it look like they have made improvements,” Mrs Britnell said.

“The Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan needs to focus on fixing the issues that have slowed trains down. She needs to focus on getting trains back running at normal speed so passengers on the Warrnambool line can get to where they need to go within a reasonable time.”

Mrs Britnell also questioned why the new 9.05am service from Warrnambool has a travel time of four hours, when it skips six stations.

“The 5.55am service stops at all stations and is timetabled to take about three and a half hours, but the new 9.05am service will skip six stations and has a timetabled travel time of almost four hours.

“This new service is a very welcome addition, but it’s timetable just doesn’t make any sense. How can it take longer when it makes fewer stops?”

Mrs Britnell said adding time to the train journey would discourage people from using public transport and would be an added inconvenience for people taking coach connections to Port Fairy, Heywood, Portland, Hamilton and Mt Gambier.

“They already have a long enough trip, adding more time to the train journey means more travel time for those people,” she said.

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