Waiting list blow out highlights need for hospital upgrade

Latest health performance statistic for the Warrnambool Base Hospital show a massive blow out in surgery waiting lists and highlights the urgent need for the stage two redevelopment, Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says.

In just six months between June 30 and December 31 last year, waiting list numbers increased by 324 people to 1023 – a 46 per cent increase – the ninth highest increase in the state.

Ms Britnell said the inadequate facilities as well as savage funding cuts from the labor Government were factors in the blow out.

“This blowout again highlights how desperately needed the stage two upgrade of the base hospital is,” Ms Britnell said.

“We need to increase the number of operating theatres available. The capacity has not changed in 30 years, but our population has grown significantly in that time.

“The hospital staff are under enormous pressure and are doing the absolute best they can with the facilities they have, but demand is growing and the facilities aren’t coping.

“This should be a warning bell for the Andrews Government. If it doesn’t act and get this upgrade started now, things are going to keep getting worse.”

Ms Britnell said hospitals across the state, including Warrnambool were suffering from savage cuts to funding, while patient numbers were increasing.

“Labor’s priorities are all wrong. Andrews has wasted billions on budget blowouts on his city transport projects, while patients are languishing in pain without getting the care they need,” she said.

“Andrews’ savage health cuts are leaving people in pain and discomfort and putting doctors and nurses at the Warrnambool Base Hospital under enormous pressure.”

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