Warrnambool line worst in the state

Damning new data shows Warrnambool line trains were the worst in Victoria for on time arrivals during April.

Despite 100 per cent of services being delivered, only 77.9 per cent managed to arrive at their destination within the 10 minute and 59 second “on-time” cut off.

Mrs Britnell said Warrnambool commuters had put up with a second class rail service for too long.

“Enough is enough,” she said.

“Warrnambool commuters have watched on as other lines get brand new train and we get their hand me downs.

“Now to add insult to injury, our on time performance is the worst in Victoria.

“Is it too much to ask our trains can at the very least run on time?”

Mrs Britnell said everyone was excited to hear the state budget funded an extra daily return train on weekdays and an extra train on Sundays.

But she said the new services would not be up and running until 2017, which was too long.

“And the last thing we need is more ancient rolling stock. We need modern, fast, reliable trains running on our line,” she said.



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