We are witnessing a government with no money left to protect our school kids.

15 August 2023

We are witnessing a government with no money left to protect our school kids.

Roma Britnell MP, Member for South-West Coast has criticised the Andrews Labor Government for refusing to install CCTV cameras on future new school buses.
This comes after a Parliamentary inquiry into regional school buses was completed, and its results were ignored for more than 600 days by Daniel Andrews. After a long-awaited response, Daniel Andrews has claimed these requirements would be inappropriate and subject to available technology, citing they should be “balanced against costs”.
“I am absolutely disgusted of our inability to install something as basic, yet critical as CCTVs on school buses in regional Victoria. The fact is some buses have CCTV and others don’t, is a clear sign of the technology being available, but this government simply can’t afford to install them”.
“CCTVs would improve safety across our school buses and would also deter anti-social behaviour which is being reported at unacceptable rates. Regional students should not pay the price for the Andrews Labor Government’s financial mismanagement”.
“It really sheds light on this governments priorities. This inquiry was crystal clear in its findings, using CCTV on these buses would ensure children using buses are kept safe on public transport and violent incidents can be promptly reported and investigated”.
“The effects of the financial mismanagement of Daniel Andrews are now stretching far into the lives of our children, we saw earlier they are cutting frontline services to vulnerable children suffering from a mental or physical disability and now we are seeing this. What is this government doing, what is this government up to?”
Roma Britnell MP is calling on Daniel Andrews to prioritise and protect the safety of our future generations by committing to install CCTVs on all new school buses as a matter of priority.


Roma Britnell MP
Member for South West Coast
Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight
Shadow Minister for Boating and Fishing

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