We need more than a website to fix our roads

Transparency is great – but we also need to address the inefficiencies in the management and maintenance of country roads the Victorian Auditor General highlighted earlier this year.

I have had more than 3000 people contact me about roads in the past two years – they are sick and tired of seeing no action being taken on roads that have fallen into disrepair.

They are also sick of seeing road repairs falling apart after just a few weeks or months – so I hope the new strategy for country roads flagged today actually addresses the key issues like drainage and weakened road sub-bases.

Increased funding is certainly welcome – but if the work isn’t lasting it’s simply a waste.

It’s going to take a lot more than a new website and a glossy document to fix the issues we have with our roads.

Our advocacy has led to increased funding, but there is more to do and we must ensure the work is of an acceptable standard.

I won’t stop being a strong voice on this issue until there is no one contacting me about the perilous state of our roads.

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