When single-issue MPs make it to Parliament – everyone pays

A week after suggesting more needed to be done to protect rabbits – Member for Western Victoria Andy Meddick is at it again calling for mandatory “shelter” for farm animals.

It once again shows the Member, who represents a huge area dominated by agriculture, has absolutely no interest in actually representing the needs of his constituents.

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said Mr Meddick’s plan would mean structures would have to be built across farm land, increasing costs and red tape for farmers and eventually costing consumers more.

“This guy has absolutely no idea about the major sector and employer in his electorate,” Ms Britnell said.

“The last thing farmers want is stock losses and most do everything in their power to prevent it. On dairy farms, cows in calf are moved to a sheltered area and monitored.

“Many other farmers have shelters in paddocks for ewes in lamb and they are checked on regularly through the night.

“But unfortunately, sometimes they don’t make it – that’s nature.”

Ms Britnell said many farmers also planted shelter belts in paddocks to provide shade during the summer months.

She said Mr Meddick was trying to paint the whole agriculture sector as evil.

“If he actually represented his whole constituency and actively engaged with the agriculture sector he would have a greater understanding of what steps farmers already take to prevent stock loss,” Ms Britnell said.

“This is a man who has the ear of the Government, they need his vote to pass legislation and he can demand anything he wants.

“Unfortunately, he’s a single-issue member who has no interest in the other challenges facing our region like the conditions of our roads, access to mental health beds or worker shortages.

“The Andrews Government need to rule out bending to Mr Meddick’s ridiculous proposal which will just create a whole lot of extra red tape and cost for farmers who already do the right thing.”

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