Where is the support for small and sole trader businesses?

Last week Victoria was thrown into a snap lockdown, forcing businesses – including the construction industry – to shut up shop for five days.

That’s five days of no income for many businesses already struggling following the lengthy lockdowns and restrictions of 2020.

To date the Premier has only said that support is being considered – that’s simply not good enough.

Businesses were given just hours’ notice they would have to close. Hospitality businesses had food delivered, florists had increased their stock for Valentine’s Day. This all comes at a cost that many would not have been able to recoup because of trading restrictions.

Business support programs are not new – they already exist and need to have alterations made so they are fair and proportionate for a 5-day snap lockdown.

Greater support must be given to sole traders who have been forgotten about in previous funding rounds.

Given the entire construction industry was shut down under this lockdown, sole trader support needs to be significantly increased and take into account the wider scope of industries impacted by this lockdown.

For the Premier to say they are still being talked about and considered is a cop-out and shows he or his government have absolutely no experience or knowledge of what it’s like to run a small or sole trader business.

While the state was locked down, Daniel Andrews still collected his salary, owners of small and sole traders businesses didn’t and need to know now what support the government will provide.

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