Why aren’t public servants serving the public?

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has questioned why State Government service centres remain closed to the public, despite coronavirus restrictions on workplaces being lifted.

Ms Britnell said on Monday the Warrnambool offices of the Department of Health and Housing Victoria, The Justice Services Centre and the State Government Offices on Raglan Parade remained closed to walk-in visits from members of the public.

“I don’t understand why – every other business and office in the region is open with COVID safe measures in place” Ms Britnell said.

“The caps on workplaces have been lifted and public servants were to return to the office as of Monday. There are no issues with staff using public transport or congestion in regional areas that could be used as rationale.

“So why are these services still closed? Why is the Government stopping public servants from doing their jobs and making sure people have easy access to government services?”

Ms Britnell said the Justice Services Centre provided important functions for agencies like Births Deaths and Marriages.

“People are being told to go online to apply for important identity documents – but when they go online to do that application, they are told they don’t have the right identity documents to proceed the application,” she said.

“I’ve had people coming to my office frustrated they can’t get their game license reissued because they don’t use a computer, but they can’t go and see someone in the office and can’t get answers over the phone.

“It just goes around in circles and people are getting frustrated they can’t do what they need to do.

“These offices have been closed now for 12-months – the Government has had ample time to make COVID safe arrangements to allow them to do what they are there for and provide services to the community.

“These offices must be re-opened to the public so people can have access to Government services they need in a way that is easiest for them.”

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